Tuesday, 11 May 2010

EA Sports to charge used game buyers $10 to unlock basic online multiplayer


Ok, this just does not  seem right, a person who buys a used EA game will get a 7 day pass to checkout the bonus DLC, even though the fees may have been paid by the original buyer.  $10 is the price that you will need to pay to unlock the content, this is because when the original user unlocks it the details appear to be recorded.

For shame EA, for shame
EA SPORTS™ expands your quest for glory by fully immersing you in the entire sports experience. Activating your Online Pass gives you full access to online features and bonus content.
See below for instructions and a tutorial video to maximize your gaming experience with Online Pass.
Online Pass launches in all future EA SPORTS simulation games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 beginning in June with Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11.
EA SPORTS. It’s In The Game.


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