Saturday, 15 May 2010

Feature - Gravity By Mobileways

Gravity is the first fully-featured and native Twitter client for the S60 platform. It supports multiple accounts, Twitter Search, Laconica,, posting of pictures via MobyPicture & TwitPic and wraps everything into a gorgeous looking interface.

It's one of only two applications I have ever paid for for my Symbian devices, ever, the other application was Profimail, yet another superb showcase of how email should work.


The UI on Gravity is second to none, menus slide up and down as you select different items, it has full kinetic scrolling in all areas.

There are two themes that users can select from, a white and a kind of slate theme that you see in these screenshots.

The main screen is broken up into different accounts, for me, I have my Twitter, then Facebook and finally Foursquare.

Twitter accounts will have a dashboard associated with them offering information such as number of friends and followers, you will also see a count of the number of new tweets on the Timeline pane.

Any Geo-tagged tweets are all stored nicely in their own area here if you just want to see them alone.


The Twitter client itself is the meat to the application, its integrated more than the Facebook section, which for example does not have a dashboard.  Tweets are displayed in easy on the eye boxes that alternate their colours, a feature now copied by some Android clients.

By clicking a tweet you have all the options such as Retweet, Reply, DM, Favourite and more.  Links attached to tweets will open in the native S60 browser, if an image is attached to a tweet you have the option to open it and it opens within Gravity itself.  Tweets that are Geo tagged have the word Geo in red next to the tweet, you can view the tweet location on a Google map again presented in Gravity, its very cool.

Foursquare has its own pane too, in here you can see your mayorships and badges, along with your friends and where you are currently checked in to.

There is a Places Nearby pane that will show you all the places nearby where people have checked in from in the past are currently are at.

You can shout from a place too.
In the Facebook pane images are displayed below peoples posts, you cannot open the image like in the Twitter pane.  There are two sections with the FB pane, the News Feed and Status Updates.

In the latest version of Gravity you can now post photos to Facebook, previous versions would only allow this in the Twitter pane, hopefully video might come soon.

Another great feature is Google Reader integration, all your RSS feeds from Google Reader will be pulled down into the Google Reader pane.  This means that you can have all your favourite news, entertainment, even this Ireland's Technology Blog accessible from your phone.  However dont forget that Ireland's Technology Blog has its own mobile apple on the Ovi Store.

The feeds are presented just like tweets, you can expand them and get a bit more info or open them fully in the browser.

Final Thoughts:

Gravity has changed how I use my mobile since purchasing it, I have all the info I need in one place, all my tweets, all my Facebook friends and all my RSS feeds.

Nokia could learn a thing or two about U.I design from this applications, in fact I would love to see Gravity integrate the phone's SMS messages and even perhaps email, sway me away from Profimail.

Gravity customer is also amazing, no other company do you basically have 24h support from the application greater Jan Ole, the man is a genius.

Gravity is also so stable even when running on the Alpha or Beta builds, it never crashes. The other thing that is great is that you can down grade your version if you wish, all versions current and past are located in the Info & Updates pane.

This truly is one of the two best applications on a Symbian device.

Get the application from here


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