Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Symbian App Builder For Non Techies

Ovi App Wizard is an online tool that is the fastest and easiest way to create apps for Store. The Ovi App Wizard lets publishers mobilize content with just a few clicks in just a few minutes. RSS and Atom feeds for video, audio, text and images for blogs, YouTube, Twitter and news are formatted into an WRT or Java application that delivers fresh content to your Nokia device every time the feed is updated. These apps work on nearly every device that supports Ovi Store.

The Ovi App Wizard is absolutely free of charge, and requires no registration fees. And its open to anyone businesses and individuals. It lets publishers type in up to 4 feeds, upload a logo, and customize the app colors. Publishers can choose to monetize their content by enabling an optional advertising feature in the tool, provided the publisher has a pre-existing account with one of our pre-selected advertising partners.

Look out in the next day or so for the Ireland's Technology Blog app, for free too !!


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