Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Xbox 360 3D Gaming a Reality With LG Partnership

The image above is unmistakeable: 3D gaming on an Xbox 360 with the help of an LG 3D television. It's the details that we're sorting out from LG's Korean press release. From the looks of it, LG and Microsoft have entered into a understanding to jointly market LG's new 3D telvisions along side 3D-capable Xbox 360 games in South Korea, then later expanding throughout the Asia Pacific region. 

If I'm reading this correctly then it appears set to begin by bundling Xbox 360 3D games with LG 55/47LX9500 LED televisions sometime at the end of June. In other words, the Xbox 360 will not require new hardware like the PS3 does to play 3D games.



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