Sunday, 20 June 2010

Facebook 3.1.3 App Out For iPhone/iPod Touch

The Facebook app for iPhone and iPod Touch just got updated, lots of fixes and nice features.

New features in this version:
  • You can now watch Facebook videos.
  • You can now view and write on walls of events.
  • Uploaded photos are now 720px wide.

Check out the rest after the break

This version contains fixes for the following bugs:
  • Could not comment on photos accessed from Notifications
  • Could not upload photos smaller than a certain size
  • No more than 2 notifications were highlighted as unread
  • Status updates appeared out of order in News Feed
  • Broken photo album links in News Feed
  • Birthdays view had months in wrong order
  • Last section of friend list was incomplete if you had fewer than 8 friends
  • Notes with non-ASCII text were cut off at the end
You can get the latest version on the app store here


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