Sunday, 5 September 2010

Multitasking World Record Broken - Nokia E5

The Nokia E5 has just broken the world record for multitasking with a massive 74 applications open and running, this was all done on out of the box software and no modifications at all.

Check out the video after the break


jed said...

I didn't think symbian was a true multi-tasking OS.
I know maemo/meego is (i have the n900)...
Can more than one program actually be used at once?


Ireland's Technology Blog said...

Well, in terms of multitasking this is the norm, yes you are right that Symbian for the most part puts the other open apps into freeze until something happens such as an email coming in.

However having a N900 also and previously S60, I dont find it any benefit on N900 over S60, infact its more chuggy

But in terms of what you state, you are correct, but what is reported is the worlds perception of multitasking

jed said...

I'm very happy with my N900.

But to really leverage it you have to be quite technically inclined & just like to "tinker".

Which is a big ask for most users that just want a "smartphone".

Exciting times ahead for Nokia (possibly).
They're finally starting to innovate in a big way again.

Ireland's Technology Blog said...

Yeah I agree, its not a phone for someone looking for a phone ;-)

Things are looking good for Nokia, if the N8 does well, and the rest of the lineup start coming out with Symbian^3 it should do well

jed said...

Agreed, and by all accounts n9 will be the properly "commercialised" version of the n900.

Ireland's Technology Blog said...

Lets hope so, its meant to be MeeGo too, originally thought to be Symbian^3 or ^4 but now apparently its MeeGo

jed said...

Yeah n900 is maemo, there are many common traits.
This release (n9's meego) is basically a trunk of the next major release of maemo (harmatten) w/a few moblin characteristics.
The next major meego release will be quite different.

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